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Bolt Down LA serves L.A. & Ventura Counties. Call (855) 700-2658 or (818) 306-2233  For More Info

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Cripple Wall Bracing, Foundation Repair, House Bolting, Shear Walls, Underpinning, Crack Repair, Foundation Replacement, House Leveling, Soft Story Retrofitting

Bolt Down LA serves the Studio City, CA, area. Call (818) 306-2233 for more information

Earthquake Retrofit Los Angeles CA

Protect yourself from devastating earthquake damage when you call Bolt Down LA. We will provide you with the security that gives you peace of mind whenever the next disaster occurs. Our team inspects your home and figures out how to keep it from falling apart.
Whether or not earthquakes happen is beyond our control; our preparedness is within our control. Protecting yourself begins with the foundation of your home. We secure it to ensure that your family, house, and personal belongings are safe during the next natural disaster. To rest assured that your home is secure and stable, contact us today for your FREE estimate.

Bolt Down LA will not sell you
something you do not need. Our
inspections are thorough and our
recommendations are accurate. By hiring our company, we can assure you confidence that the job will be done properly.

Focus on What We Do Best
Our earthquake retrofitting company provides you with the necessary defenses against the damage of Earthquake. We make sure the foundation of the home is securely bolted down, which can reduce the damage to the home. 


Discover What Sets Bolt Down LA Apart

Reliable & Trustworthy Staff
You can count on Bolt Down LA to show up on time, provide excellent service and respect your property.
Fully Licensed & Insured
We take our profession seriously and are fully licensed and insured for the safety of our clients and employees.
Experienced & Professional
We have years of experience and are qualified contracting professionals.
Locally Owned & Operated
Bolt Down LA is a construction company that cares about our customers and the LA community we serve.

If you own a home, you want to make sure the foundation is secure

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Your Defense Against Natural Disaster

- Premier Earthquake Damage Control -

Our earthquake retrofitting company provides you with the necessary defense against the damage of natural disasters. We securely bolt down the foundation of your home to reduce the damage. The goal is to keep you and your family as safe as possible during any unexpected convulsion.
With our help, the odds of danger become a lot slimmer. People who use our services are less likely to be displaced from their homes. Our services are also great for securing homes built before 1979.
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"The scope of their services far outweighed others we considered, essentially an all inclusive one-stop shop for all the details and paperwork required for an EBB qualified retrofit. Quality of work was superb and really appreciated how clean they left the area where the work was performed. Would highly recommend!"

- Shelley O.


"Pony Kahikina is a trusted , principled, professional contractor with an attention to detail and quality of workmanship. He won't sell you something you do not need. His inspections are thorough and his recommendations accurate. You can hire his company with confidence that the job will be done right."

- John A.


"Bolt down LA is a great company. Pony was courteous and showed professionalism throughout the process. The job was done in the time frame we agreed upon and for the price that was quoted. His workers really seemed to know what they were doing, especially Bobby. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing earthquake retrofitting."

- Stuart M.
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 Cripple Wall Bracing
 Foundation Repair
 House Bolting
 Shear Walls
✔ Underpinning
✔ Crack Repair

Foundation Replacement
 House Leveling
 Soft Story Retrofitting
✔ Fully Licensed
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